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Lona Design is the creation of interior designer Katherine Newman, and architect Peter Cebulak. It was born through an ongoing search for pieces that would correctly reflect their aesthetic philosophy, and fit harmoniously into the environments they create.  The furniture emphasizes the presentation of form and material, as opposed to ornamentation for its own sake.  The complexity of the design is intentionally restrained, and limited to expression in the combination of materials - the use of inlays, for instance, and in the shape of the pieces.  The furniture has a sound sense of permanence, and expresses a fine balance between the craftsmanship and patinated finishes of the past, and the simplified silhouettes demanded by the present.  

A diverse range of vernaculars variously inspires the pieces:  18th century english furniture, oriental pieces, shaker style, and the french and danish furniture of the 1930's and '40's.  All pieces are made of finest quality woods, such as mahogany, walnut, satinwood, rosewood, sycamore, ebony and teak.  Traditional french polish is standard, even on the most contemporary forms.  Specialty paint finishes are also available, as are custom finishes defined by the purchasing designer. 

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